Giving birth


Giving birth

Finally your due date is coming closer and closer! From 37 weeks until 42 weeks of pregnancy your labour and delivery will be guided by us. We believe it is important to offer a choice and control over the type of birthing you choose. This can be a home birth, in the birthing centre or in a hospital, a water birth, on the birthingstool, with or without pain relief, it’s your decision! We will guide you one-to-one throughout your labour and delivery. In the last month of pregnancy you will have weekly consultations at our practice. We measure your blood pressure, check the growth and position of the baby, listen to the heartbeat and answer all questions you may have.

Preparation for birth can take away any fear and insecurities you might have. This allows you to be more relaxed during labour and birth. The more confident and relaxed you are when labour starts, the better you are able to handle the pain during contractions. That’s why we organise an information evening about birth via Zoom (due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Furthermore you can read everything you need to know on our website and in the handout we will send you.  At approximately 35 weeks we will plan a double consultation to talk about your birth wishes and answer all questions you may have.


Labour and emergency 020 – 333 04 20

Are you in active labour or do you have any concerns: e.g. less fetal movements, blood loss, severe headache, feeling unwell?

Please call the midwife on call at 020 – 333 04 20.




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