Postnatal care


Postnatal care

As soon as the baby is born you enter the postnatal period. During this period you can thoroughly enjoy your baby; an intense and often emotional week. Your body and the baby will recover from the delivery.


At home or in hospital?

It is recommended to take as much rest as possible during the day and spend most of the first few days in bed to give your body the opportunity to recover well. In most cases the immediate postnatal period is spent at home, although sometimes it is necessary to spend these first days at the hospital (eg. after a caesarean or if you have lost too much blood). In this case the postnatal care is led by the nurses at the postnatal ward. Once you are back home, we will take over the care together with the kraamzorg (maternity assistant).

Throughout the postnatal period we will be your point of contact. In case of urgency or worry you can contact the on-call midwife  020 – 333 04 20.

Tip: Whenever the baby sleeps, try to get some sleep too or rotate with your partner, as the first nights will be short.



Dutch maternity postnatal care (kraamzorg) is quite unique in the world. Apart from the Netherlands, there is no country in the world where women receive a maternity nurse who support them the forst week after birth. The maternity nurse will guide and teach you to care for your baby and helps with breastfeeding and bottle feeding. She monitors your recovery daily and checks the health of the baby (such as color, weight, temperature, drinking, defecation and urination). If the maternity nurse is in close contact with us and will consult anything that she is in doubt about. Moreover, she helps out in the household (eg. Changing the bed, cleaning the bathroom and nursery) and if there are older children, she will help tot take care of them too. 
A maternity nurse remains about 8 days after birth, which can be extended if necessary up to ten days after birth. 

In the first week after birth we will have about four consultations of which two will be home visits and two by phone to check your recovery and the health of your baby. 
At the end of the first week we will hand over medical care to the GP (huisarts). The maternity nurse will hand over her care to the “consultatiebureau”. They will be your point of contact concerning the growth and development of your baby. A nurse of the consultatiebureau will pay a house visit in the second week after birth to give extended information on what to expect from the consultatiebureau. 

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