Trying to conceive


Trying to conceive

Are you trying to conceive? A healthy lifestyle contributes to a healthy start for your baby. To increase the chance of conceiving a health lifestyle is recommended. Modern lifestyle choices such as alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine use, sugar, fruit, vegetable and water consumption, stress, and overall health and wellbeing can greatly influence the fertility potential of men and women.

Personalised consultation

At our practice we provide personalised consultations to talk about getting pregnant as healthy as possible. During this consultation we will discuss with you various aspects of your health and life-style so that we can offer you and your partner the best possible advice to help you to achieve optimum psychological and physical well-being in order to promote a healthy conception. Knowing how health conditions and risk factors could affect you or your unborn baby if you become pregnant are essential in this matter. For example, some foods, habits and medicines can harm your baby — even before he or she is conceived. After conception, embryonic growth is extremely rapid. Unless all building blocks are present and all toxins absent, vital stages of development can be compromised. If you have any specific questions, please let us know beforehand.

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