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Finding out that you’re pregnant is one of the most memorable moments of your life. We know how important it is to find the very best care for you and your baby when you’re expecting in Amsterdam. That’s the only thing that counts. You will receive more care than average in Dutch obstetrics/midwifery, free of charge, as we believe in tailor made care that suits your needs. You will have unlimited appointment; you can come in as often as you like. We work with highly experienced health care professionals who give supplementary care. To prepare you for birth and beyond you will be able to follow our online pregnancy course for free. Furthermore during Centering Pregnancy, three sessions will be with (birth)partner about birth and in an individual double session we discuss your birth plan. With or without pain relief, at home, birth centre or hospital, everything is possible. At our own ultrasound centre you can book any scan you’d like 7 days a week. You will be cared for by our small team of experienced midwives and together with you we will aim for a relaxing, stress-free pregnancy, labour and beyond. Our care is 100% covered by all Dutch (and international) health care insurances.

Having a baby in Amsterdam and surroundings

While pregnant you want the best possible care for you and your baby, especially when you (and your partner), are living abroad. We have extensive experience in guiding expat pregnant women and aim to meet the highest standards and look forward to seeing you in our practice. We believe pregnant women deserve all the care and attention they need to make it a positive birth experience. That’s why you can choose to follow Centering Pregnancy. It’s a new way for women to receive prenatal care. Medical check-ups, support, and education all take place in a group setting. Compared to traditional prenatal care, women spend more time with the midwife and with other pregnant women, which gives them a chance to learn a lot more about pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Following your intake you will have the option to choose between traditional prenatal care or taking part in Centering Pregnancy.  Sign up or plan a get-to-know-us appointment.

Choice of birthplace

Luckily the Netherlands is not only famous for its tulips and windmills, its maternity system is just as outstanding. The Dutch tradition of a free choice of place of birth for low risk women including home birth is quite unique in the western world. Our care is characterised by open communication, a personal approach and commitment to each client. We aim to support you in your individual needs to enable you to enjoy your pregnancy and empower you for a positive birth. Our care is 100% covered by all Dutch health insurances and farmost international insurances.

Ultrasounds in Amsterdam

The first few weeks are a time of tremendous excitement; and the 11 week dating scan can feel like a lifetime away. You are probably keen to have an early scan in pregnancy to take your first look at your developing baby, confirm you are pregnant and roughly how many weeks pregnant you are, and check all is well before you spread your good news. For this reason, many mums-to-be like to have an early scan which you can book online at our ultrasound centre Echo Amsterdam.

Pregnancy scans upon request

We offer a much wider range of scans (also during the pandemic!) than the standard scan to determine the estimated due date (11 weeks) and anomaly scan (20 weeks scan) offered by your health insurance. You may want to know the gender of your baby, perhaps you’ve had a previous miscarriage and need reassurance. We offer gender scans from as early as of 14 weeks pregnant and 3D/4D baby scans giving you a unique opportunity to glimpse precious images of your unborn child.

Support throughout pregnancy

Antenatal care

Read more about what you can expect from our excellent antenatal care tailor-made t suit your needs.

Pregnancy scans

Medical and fun scans

We offer the most extensive range of scans to choose from at various times during your pregnancy, both medical and fun scans. Read more.

Prenatal screening

Prenatal screening

When you’re pregnant, prenatal tests give you information about your health and your baby’s. They can help detect any problems that could affect him, like birth defects or genetic diseases. Read more.

Pregnancy course


PregnancyAt Verloskundigen 101 we organise workshops on various subjects (for the time being via Zoom). We consider providing information to be important and we also enjoy to educate you! Read more.

Birth support

Birth support

We believe it is important to offer a choice and control over the type of birthing you choose. Every birth is unique. We give 1 to 1 care during labour & birth. Read more on how to prepare for birth.

Support after birth

Support after birth

Throughout the postnatal period we will be your point of contact. In the first week after birth we will do home visits to check your recovery and the health of your baby. Read more



Sometimes a pregnancy ends in a different way than you had hoped or expected. Read more.



Are you planning to have a baby in the Netherlands? Verloskundigen 101 provides preconception consults. Read more.

Folders & links

Folders & links

Find all folders & links here, nicely sorted per trimester.



Roadmap for a healthy pregnancy

4+ weeks

Congratulations you are pregnant! Inside your body, amazing developments are taking place. The tiny ball of cells dividing in your womb (uterus) is now an embryo, and is about the size of a poppy seed. As soon as you find out you are pregnant and you live in Amsterdam or Amstelveen, you can sign up at our practice. Don’t forget to take prenatal vitamins like folic acid daily. Read more on what to eat and what food/drinks to avoid during pregnancy.

6+ weeks
Early viability scan

From of 6+ weeks you can do an early scan to check the viability. If you can wait a little longer until 7-8 weeks the scan is more reliable as the risk of an early miscarriage is more present at 6 weeks. A little note: scans in the first trimester of your pregnancy are often internal. Sometimes this scan is not covered by insurance.

8 - 9 weeks
First midwife appointment

You’ll have your first midwife consultation around now. There’ll be a lot to cover at this appointment so it may take around an hour. We’ll ask you about your medical history, job and lifestyle. Your midwife will explain what (prenatale screenings) tests and care you can expect during your pregnancy. You’ll have of course plenty of time to ask all questions you may have.

10 - 11 weeks
Dating scan

Your baby’s heart is now fully developed, and beats about 180 times a minute. The due date scan measures the estimated date of delivery (EDD). Only 3% of women give birth on their due date so just a little note to not fixate too much on the given date. To do: after this scan it’s important to apply for kraamzorg. There are a lot of kraamzorg companies (i.e. De Kleine Amsterdammer, de Baker, Kraamvogel and many more). Would you like to sign up for NIPT? Send us an email after your due date scan.

11+ weeks

You can choose to have your unborn child checked for a number of congenital disorders. This is called prenatal screening. You can select two tests: the prenatal screening for Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome and Patau’s syndrome (NIPT test); and testing for physical abnormalities (Anomaly Scan). You determine if you want to undergo these tests. At your first midwife appointment we will give you extensive information, and we will answer all your questions. Besides the NIPT test, all pregnant women in the Netherlands will receive a routine blood test in the first trimester to check for iron deficiency, hep B, HIV, syphilis and to check your blood type, rhesus c and D factor. The laboratory is situated inside our ultrasound centre Echo Amsterdam. You can just walk in during opening hours.

13+ weken

This is an early extensive anomaly scan in which you baby will be checked for serious physical abnormalities. It’s kind of like an early 20 weeks scan. While the NIPT screens for chromosomal abnormalities, both the 13 week scan and the 20 week scan screen for physical abnormalities.

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