Where and how to give birth

Where and how to give birth

In the Netherlands, women with an uncomplicated pregnancy may choose where and how to give birth. As mentioned above, this can be at home, in a birthing centre or the hospital. We will assist you and arrange everything for you concerning the birth. In the uneventful case of a complication we will refer you to a gynecologist. If you would like to deliver in a hospital by choice (poliklinische bevalling), you don’t need make any arrangements in advance. When the delivery has started we will organise everything for you and guide you through it. Many people think hospital births are safer because doctors and medical equipment are nearby. However, we use the exact same medical equipment at home as in the hospital.

If you choose a home birth, we will attend your birth, aided by a maternity assistant. We will bring our own equipment, which always includes a neonatal resuscitation set and oxygen, iv-drip, suturing set and other necessities. Research has shown women labor more easily at home due to the fact that less stress hormones are produced in an intimate, quiet environment. Moreover, home births have shown to increase maternal satisfaction. In the comforts of your home surroundings, it is easier to relax, and you are free to move around according to your own wishes.


When you would like to give birth in hospital by choice (without a medical reason) it’s called a “poliklinische bevalling”. You will have to pay the hospital around €380. Some health insurances will cover this expense. Your birth will still be attended by one of us and an (obstetric) nurse who is employed by the hospital. Usually, and contrary to other countries, women will leave the hospital a couple of hours after birth.

Poliklinisch (hospital birth without medical reason)

Sometimes you cannot or do not want to give birth at home. Your house may not be suitable due to renovation. Or you might have the feeling you can better relax in the proximity a hospital. In this case you can choose to go to Bevalcentrum West which has a more homely feeling. There are 4 rooms, of which 2 have a big birth pool. They offer the same freedom and comfort of a home birth, while ensuring that total medical support is standing by just a few steps away. All facilities are designed to emphasize the normality of birth. BCW provides gas & air.

Bevalcentrum West

Women who have an increased obstetrical risk will give birth in hospital (without extra costs). A clinical midwife or an obstetrician in training will attend to you during labour and birth. They will call upon an obstetrician if a serious complication arises. After birth, when you are back home again, we will step in and take care of you and your baby together with the kraamzorg (maternity nurse).

Hospital (with medical reason)

There are 6 hospitals in the Amsterdam and Amstelveen region:

AUMC (locatie VU & AMC), OLVGO, OLVGW with the Bevalcentrum West, Amstelland and the Bovenij.

We will always be able to go to one of the above hospitals. However it can happen the hospital of your first choice will not be available when you are i labour. We can’t make any reservations as we won’t know when your labour starts.  Only once or twice a year we will have to go outside the Amsterdam area if all hospitals are occupied, however this is really rare to happen.

All above hospitals offer a high quality of care.

The costs of childbirth in the hospital (if it’s by choice) and the Bevalcentrum West in 2020 are €581,31 as determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority. Almost all insurance companies will reimburse this amount minus a personal contribution fee that is not insured.

Choosing a hospital birth or a birth at a birthing center, when there is no medical indication, incurs a personal contribution fee of €362,31 (2020). Some medical insurance policies cover these costs as well – check your own medical insurance to establish exactly which costs are covered.