Preparation for birth

Preparation for birth can take away fear and insecurities. This allows you to be more relaxed during labour and birth. The more confident and relaxed you are when labour starts, the better you can handle the pain during contractions. There are numerous pregnancy courses that help you prepare for birth.  A pregnancy course is definitely not mandatory, but many (future) parents experience it as a nice preparation for birth and the first weeks after. A wide range of leaflets for courses can be found in the waiting room. Various Amsterdam hospitals offer regular information evenings and sometimes it is even possible to visit the delivery rooms. During our consultations we help you prepare for birth by answering all questions you may have and talk about possible insecurities and fears. 

Practical things to arrange for birth (as well as for a home birth as a hospital birth):

  • Please make sure your doorbell functions and there’s a nameplate at your frontdoor.
  • From 37 weeks onwards the height of your bed needs to be 70-90 cm, also in the case of a hospital birth. To be able to achieve this -at 37 weeks- borrow bedraisers. These will be delivered to your home along with a bedpan when you call Cordaan 0800 – 288 77 66. When it is impossible to raise your bed with bedraisers (or for instance beercrates) or you happen to have a waterbed, make sure you organize a raised (single) bed.
  • Hospitalbag – Please have a bag for the baby and yourself ready. Do not forget to put your insurance card and verloskundigen101 envelope in there as well.
  • Make sure you have a kraampakket at home. If your insurance company doesn’t provide you with one, you can buy the medical things (gauzes, umbilical cord clip etc.) at the pharmacist and most of the other things at the HEMA or PRENATAL.