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Verloskundigen 101 is a successful practice delivering babies for over 500 mothers every year. Set up in 2003, Verloskundigen 101 operates from Johannes Verhulststraat in Amsterdam South taking care of pregnant women in Amsterdam and surroundings. Our facilities include a warm and relaxing midwifery practice as well as with state-of-the-art scanning equipment providing the latest in ultrasound technology including 3D and 4D ultrasound scans at our ultrasound centre Echo Amsterdam. We have a small team of highly experienced midwives and ultrasound experts who will be guiding you throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. We offer personal and complete antenatal care at all stages of your pregnancy, birth and beyond tailor-made to suit your needs.

Our aim is to enable expectant mothers to have a positive and reassuring pregnancy and childbirth experience. Our philosophy of care is based on respect for pregnancy as a state of health and viewing childbirth as a normal, healthy, physiological process.

We are committed to promoting an environment of medical excellence, informed choice and superior care, adopting a holistic approach throughout the pregnancy and during childbirth. We are trained to monitor and signal medical risks closely. If necessary, we will do additional research or refer you to an obstetrician in the hospital of your choice. We work closely with all hospitals in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

Whether you visit us for ultrasound scans only, or for complete midwifery care, we aim to give you, and your partner, a reassuring environment to discuss your needs at this important and emotional time, enabling you to visualise the forthcoming birth with positivity.

Olijf Gaasbeek – midwife

‘It doesn’t matter where or how you give birth. If a woman can look back positively at her pregnancy and birth, this can give an enormous boost in self confidence and energy. To be able to contribute to this proces by guiding it with our medical expertise, but also a good chat combined with some humor, makes my day as a midwife’

In 2003, Olijf established Verloskundigen 101 and in 2007 our ultrasound practice Echo Amsterdam. In addition to her work, Olijf is an experienced sailor. She lives together with her husband and two daughters. Olijf is fluent in Dutch, English and German and moderate in French.

Elsemieke Grobben – midwife

“The most beautiful aspect of being a midwife is empowering parents-to-be while pregnant to reach a high level of confidence concerning birth and beyond”

At 2008 Elsemieke graduated as a midwife in Groningen and is a qualified ultrasound expert since 2010. She obtained valuable experience through various internships at midwifery practices in and around the North of Holland. She also did an international internship in South Africa. After graduating she started working in Utrecht. Elsemieke joined Verloskundigen 101 in 2011 and has since become a partner. She lives together with her boyfriend, daughter and son. Elsemieke is fluent both in Dutch and English.

Sophie Six – midwife

“Pregnancy and childbirth is a very special moment in a woman’s life. It’s my privilege to guide you as your midwife and support your needs to provide you everything necessary, allowing you to create a feeling of trust in your body and in the process of pregnancy, birth and beyond.  So all mothers-to-be feel relaxed and confident to experience this live event”

After being an obstetric nurse at the OLVG since 2006, she graduated as a midwife in 2011 and worked at Verloskundigen 101 ever since and has become a partner. She did research for the WHO and trained midwives on the Thai-Burmese border before returning to Holland and settle with her family. From of July 2019 she is board member of the KNOV (Royal Association of Midwives in the Netherlands). She lives together with her husband and their four little children, two sons and two daughters, in Amsterdam. Sophie is fluent in Dutch, English and German and moderate in French.

Jo-Anne Besuijen – midwife

“Every woman would like to have a positive feeling about the transition to parenthood. I think it’s important to support and guide women and their partners as good as possible through the several stages of this transition. That’s why I strive for continuity and accessible contact in the patient care I provide, to reach that positive feeling!”

Jo-Anne graduated as a midwife in 2016 after studying Child Psychology and did midwifery internships throughout various cyties in Holland. She worked in Zeeland and Amsterdam and joined us in 2017 and became a partner of Verloskundigen 101 from of 2020. In her free time she enjoys being on the water and speaks Dutch, English and a bit of French.

Maartje Labots – midwife

“I believe in the strength of a woman’s body and it gives me energy to empower women in their birthing process, to attribute having a positive birth experience. I find each birth to be a uniquely beautiful experience and I adore being such an integral part of this process.”

Maartje has been a midwife since 2014. Ever since she witnessed a birth, at the age of 15, she realised this would be her dream vocation. Along the way, she veered off toward social work and graduated as a social worker. She acquired employment at a Domestic violence support centre. After some time, she realised she needed to pursue her original passion, and in 2010 began her studies as a midwife and worked at different practices in Amsterdam in the past years. In her leisure time Maartje enjoys walks in and around the city, and attending musicals. She speaks both Dutch and English.