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This website, www.verloskundigen101.nl, is maintained by Verloskundigen 101.

The information on this website has been compiled with the greatest possible care, but may nevertheless contain imperfections.

Midwives 101 cannot be held liable for damage resulting from the use of the information. We advise you to contact the midwives personally for personal advice.

Midwives 101 tries to treat this information in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation.

The information on the website is regularly updated and any changes are made at all times with immediate effect and without any notice.

Privacy statement

This privacy statement explains how Verloskundigen101 handles the processing of personal data of visitors to the website. The privacy statement describes, among other things, which categories of personal data are collected, for what purpose the personal data is used and to which categories of recipients the personal data is provided.

Information about Midwives 101

Midwives 101 is established in Amsterdam and registered under registration number 53652770 in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. For questions about the privacy statement, Verloskundigen 101 can be reached on telephone number 020-47 000 67. You can also contact us by e-mail. The e-mail address is info@verloskundigen101.nl.

Processing of personal data

Depending on the service you use, we may collect the following information:

  • Name and address details
  • Social Security Number
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • E-mail address
  • phone number
  • Data regarding your health
  • health insurer
  • The name of other healthcare providers
  • Time of your appointment

This data is used for the following purposes:

  • Keeping the medical file
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Keeping track of your preferences
  • Improving and evaluating our care and services
  • Performing other services requested by you

Birth announcements cards

Birth announcements cards that you send to us contain personal data. We will hang the birth announcement card at the practice and after a while it will be removed confidentially. By handing over the birth announcement card to us, you agree that it will be displayed within the practice.

Retention period

This privacy statement indicates the retention period of the personal data. If an explicit retention period has not been included or it has been indicated which criteria Verloskundigen 101 uses to determine how long personal data will be stored, Verloskundigen 101 will not store the personal data for longer than is necessary to be able to achieve the purpose communicated to you.

Processors and other third parties

Personal data can be processed by so-called processors and sub-processors on behalf of Midwives 101. The processors and sub-processors act under the responsibility of Midwives 101 and are not allowed to carry out their own processing of personal data. Your personal data will not be provided to other parties, with the exception of the parties as described in this privacy statement. Your personal data will also be provided to other parties if we are obliged to do so on the basis of the law or a court decision.

Privacy rights

You have a number of rights on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: “GDPR”). You have the right to request Midwives 101 to inspect (art. 15 AVG) and rectify (art. 16 AVG) or delete your personal data (art. 17 AVG). You also have the right to request Midwives 101 to restrict the processing of personal data (Art. 18 GDPR). Under certain circumstances, you also have the right to data portability (Art. 20 GDPR) and the right to object (Art. 21 GDPR). More information about when it is possible to exercise one or more of these rights can be found on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
If you want to make use of one or more of these rights, you can contact us via the contact options mentioned above.
Apart from the above rights, you always have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


This privacy statement is subject to change. It is therefore advisable to regularly consult this privacy statement. The current version of the privacy statement was last modified on 15-01-2021.

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