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Over the ensuing months, we expect you to develop a number of questions about pregnancy, birthing and infant care. When is your first ultrasound, what can you expect from midwifery care, what to eat when pregnant and not? Of course, we are happy to answer those questions during your midwife consultations but in the current age of technology, many expectant mothers and fathers turn to the internet as a source of information and answers. A websearch of “pregnancy” reveals over 11 million websites on the topic. As it may be difficult for you to know which of those sites contain the most reliable information, we give you all information you need to know from trying to get conceive, being pregnant, childbirth and beyond on our website.

Do you have questions or are you worried about your health or the health of your (unborn) baby? Don’t hesitate to discuss this with us. This can be during your next consultation, but in case of an urgent matter, call the midwife on call 020 – 333 04 20

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