Supplementary care

Supplementary care

We guide you during pregnancy, birth and the first months afterwards tailored to your needs. We prepare you with our extended pregnancy course for you and your (birth)partner. You can choose yourself how many scans you would like during your pregnancy and we will also guide you if you are transferred to the hospital during childbirth to coach and guide you until your baby is born, regardless if extra medical care is needed. We know our one to one care during labour and birth will increase the chance of having a positive birth experience.

Together with our experienced partners, we offer supplementary care to be able to offer that little bit extra to prepare you as well as possible for parenthood and to look back as positively as possible on the pregnancy, birth and the first months after.

Even if a medical reason arises during labour and birth and the care is transferred to the gynaecologist, we offer 101+ care which means we guarantee to stay with the you until the baby is born. Read more here.

Supplementary care our partners offer is often (partly) reimbursed by the insurance, especially if you have extra insurance. You can schedule an appointment with them yourself by clicking on the link.

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    Jop Mur

    Jop is registered with the Dutch Register for Osteopathy (NRO) and carries the official brand title D.O.-MRO. He is also a member of the professional association NVO. In addition to osteopath, Jop Mur is a BIG-registered physiotherapist.

    “osteopathy can be a solution for common complaints in babies and children”

    In many cases it involves a few agreements. It is important to know that only gentle mobilizing movements are used during the treatment (never manipulation).

    The most common complaints in babies are: crying baby, restlessness, intestinal cramps or a preferred position. Birth is a very intense event, with many mechanical forces acting on mother and child. The forces that are present during childbirth, such as (press) contractions, can cause blockages or areas of tension.

    Costs: €115
    Most health insurers reimburse, in whole or in part, the treatment, depending on your supplementary package.

    Due to the long waiting list and full agenda, Jop has blocked free places especially for babies.
    Call 020-6735989 to inquire when there are still possibilities.

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    Nienke Kreté-Tolhuijs

    Nienke graduated cum laude from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for ‘nutrition and dietetics’ and completed the post-HBO training Lifestyle Coach in 2019.

    “I believe that ‘being healthy’ means more than something you can achieve with good nutrition”

    Nienke will guide you if you have questions about nutrition before, during and after pregnancy and during breastfeeding. She also specializes in the management of gestational diabetes.

    Costs: Under the basic insurance, everyone is entitled to 3 hours (180 minutes) of dietary advice per calendar year. Dietary advice falls under the deductible. If the deductible has not yet been used up, the first three hours of dietary advice will be deducted from the deductible. Do you have additional insurance? In that case, extra hours may be reimbursed. You can check this in the policy conditions of your health insurance or you can contact your health insurer.

    Click here to read more or to make an appointment.


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    Berteld Kok

    After working as a midwife for 27 years, Berteld retrained as a coach for women. You can contact her for all life questions, fears, patterns you get stuck in.

    “I listen to your story and ask further questions, so that a new insight can arise”

    An active pregnancy wish, becoming pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth and becoming a mother are major events in a person’s life. A lot changes and important life questions arise. Also due to a possible previous (traumatic) birth you can face a new pregnancy with unnecessary fears and uncertainty.
    By creating a safe environment and providing space for conversations, you gain insight into your behavior and the motives behind your behaviour. By becoming more aware of your own patterns that you keep following (but which don’t help), a start has been made to change.

    Berteld is qualified as a general coach, EMDR therapist, hypnotherapist and valley coach.

    Costs (sometimes deductible for self-employed persons):
    1 session   €107
    3 sessions €297
    6 sessions €597

    Click here for more information and to make an appointment.

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    Pelvic floor therapist

    Djoeke Numan

    As an experienced pelvic floor specialist, Djoeke treats complaints that are often caused by overstrain or too little tension and little strength of the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles consist of three layers into which the sphincter muscle and the urethra open. The muscles are embedded in the pelvis and provide firm support to the lower part of the trunk.

    “if the balance is disturbed due to mental and/or physical tension, complaints may result. These tensions may be caused by intensive experiences or events in someone’s life, or by continuous ‘having to keep all the balls in the air’.

    Advice, research and practice will always be given after the first time. This way you can get started quickly. In the following 4 weeks, intensive work is done on awareness, feeling, active but subtle practice, and the integration of learned postures and movements in daily life.

    Costs:  Mensendieck remedial therapy is reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. If you do not have additional insurance for Mensendieck remedial therapy, you will have to pay for the treatment yourself. Click here for the costs.

    Bel voor een afspraak 020-5608923

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    Gøril Skarlund

    Gøril is a registered physiotherapist specialized in complaints during and after pregnancy and works at Fysiomed. Many women experience pelvic or lower back complaints during or after pregnancy/birth. This pain can radiate into the buttock or thighs. Most complaints are caused by the strongly changed hormone level. The pregnancy hormones make the muscles and ligaments softer and softer.

    Costs: often a number of treatments by the physiotherapist are reimbursed by your insurance, but this varies per company. Check this in advance with your own health insurer.

    Click here to make an appointment

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    Birth photographer

    Dora Barens

    As the most experienced birth photographer in Amsterdam, Dora has already documented more than 200 births.

    “Dora captures the purity of the moment. Modest, loving, professional and unassuming. She has given us a priceless gift. We could never have imagined this before.”

    Dora is the official birth photographer of various hospitals in the region, where she also has access to the OR. You can also contact her for pregnancy and newborn sessions.

    Costs click here

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    Babyfee workshop

    Melanie von Mülen

    Melanie offers various courses in preparation for the maternity period, the first 3 months after the birth of your baby and as a sleep coach.

    “my mission is to give parents more knowledge just before birth, or up to three months, about how we can teach our babies to sleep, among other things”

    To learn a good sleep basis, good attachment is essential. Based on practical and theoretical tips and advice, I teach you how to do this as a parent. I see it as more knowledge in advance instead of afterwards, in order to prevent all kinds of problems. And also more knowledge about the postpartum period and the weeks after, to give your new life the best possible start from confidence.

    Costs per workshop: +/- €49

    Sign up here.