Information sessions

Information sessions

At Verloskundigen 101 we organise information sessions on various subjects (for the time being via Zoom and instagram livevideo). We find providing information important and also a lot of fun. We enjoy to educate you! Are you trying to conceive or just found out you’re pregnant? Follow our early info session! We will discuss the Dutch midwifery system, nutrition & lifestyle, ultrasounds, prenatal screening and things to arrange. In your third trimester we have an information evening about birth & beyond. Furthermore you can also sign up for the breastfeeding preparation course of the bespoke lactation consultant Myrte van Lonkhuijsen.

Pregnancy workshop

This workshop  is given by midwives Sophie and Jo-Anne by our instagram live video (@verloskundigen101) which you can watch at any time you like to feel completely prepared for your pregnancy!


Costs: free!


  • Dutch midwifery system
  • healthy lifestyle
  • prenatal screening
  • pregnancy scans
  • development of the baby in the womb
  • corona
  • things to arrange
  • 1st trimester pregnancy complaints

Workshop about birth


This workshop (2 – 2,5hrs) is given by midwives Sophie and Jo-Anne. Register below and receive the link in your email a day beforehand with which you can log in.



April 22 at 7.30 p.m.


Costs €25


  • checklist for birth
  • overdue
  • how & where giving birth
  • false labour & Braxton Hicks contractions
  • phases of birth
  • how to deal with labour pain
  • pain relief
  • when to call?
  • if things go differently as planned
  • postnatal phase

Sign up below for the workshop about birth. For the breastfeeding preparation course from Myrte van Lonkhuijsen, you can register via this link.