Things to arrange

Things to arrange

When pregnant there are some thing to be arranged. during your consultations we will help you remember what to arrange when and help you if necessary. See the list below of thing to be arranged in pregnancy. 


Kraamzorg – before the 16th week

This is the postnatal care provided by a maternity assistent (kraamverzorgster) at home in the 8 days following your delivery. We gave you information at your first antenatal check.


Kraampakket – before the 32nd week

If you have a Dutch insurance it will contain a ‘kraampakket’ which is a box of the necessary goods for your delivery and postnatal period (kraambed) such as pads, gauzes etc. If you have a foreign insurance you can buy it at a pharmacy or at ‘Prenatal’.


Antenatal course – after the 20th week

We recommend you to follow a prenatal course. This will help you to prepare for your delivery and provide you with information and exercises to make you feel more confident. Apart from that it can be a nice way to get to know new people. Most courses start at 28 weeks, but there is a huge demand and limited supply. We recommend you to apply as soon as possible! You can find brochures on English spoken courses in the waiting room.


Recognition – before the 24th week

Are you not married and would you like the baby to have its fathers surname? Then you will have to make an appointment at the city hall (stadsdeelkantoor) to draw up de akte van erkenning van de ongeboren vrucht.


Crèche – as soon as possible

If you work you should think about the way you want your baby to be looked after when, after your pregnancy leave, you and your spouse are working.