Initial consultation

Initial consultation

The first appointment will be in early pregnancy (around 7-9 weeks) to talk through health and lifestyle advice and screen for risk factors. You will meet one of the midwives and we will give an introduction of the care provided by us.
We will discuss how we can support you and your partner through this exciting time, making sure you feel listened to and supported throughout your pregnancy.  A blood sample will be taken, either at the practice or at the laboratory. We will give all relevant information about prenatal screening (i.e. combined screening test for Down’s syndrom, NIPT and anomaly scan). We will ensure you have all of the information you need to plan for a healthy, happy pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Risk factor assessment

Your general health is important throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. To ensure you are low-risk, we will ask you several questions about various health issues (i.e. previous operations, medication use), allergies and lifestyle. On indication we will ask about previous pregnancies and outcomes. Furthermore, we will ask for the health of your (immediate) family and the family of the father of your baby. We will also measure you blood pressure and perform a blood test (see below).

Please feel free to bring your partner, children or a family member with you at all times.

If, during this first consultation, it occurs a referral to an obstetrician is needed (due to your medical history or previous pregnancy/ies), we will refer you to the hospital of your choiche.


First trimester blood test

All pregnant women in the Netherlands will receive a routine blood test in the first trimester. Your blood will tested for:

  • blood group
  • rhesus c and D status
  • harmful antibodies in your blood
  • hepatitis B
  • HIV
  • syphilis
  • iron deficiency

If necessary additional blood tests will be done.