Stopping your contraceptive

Stopping your birth control

Birth control pil and NuvaRing – You can continue with the pill or NuvaRing until you want to become pregnant. It is not harmful to the health of the future baby or yourself. But if you have the time, it’s wise to wait one or two menstruations first. Just because it’s easier to determine when your ovulation will be and if pregnant, how far along you are. Most women regain their natural cycle within six to ten weeks after stopping with the pill (or Nuvaring). For some it takes longer. If it takes longer than three months, we advise you to go do a pregnancy test, as it may be you became pregnant before you would have had your first period. And otherwise see your general practitioner for further research. 

Implanon – After removal of the Implanon®, a contraceptive implant placed directly under the skin, it’s also advised to wait one or two natural menstruations before getting pregnant for the same reason as the birth control pill and Nuvaring.

Spiraaltje – After removal of the IUD or Mirena®, you don’t have to wait to start trying to conceive as an IUD does not influence your natural cycle


Don’t forget to start taking folic acid from of the moment you are trying to conceive.