Recovering after a miscarriage

Recovering after a miscarriage

The physical recovery from a spontaneous miscarriage or curettage is generally quick. During 1 to 2 weeks some vaginal blood loss may occur, in the beginning clear red, later somewhat brown. During this blood loss it is advisable to wait with making love, using tampons or going swimming. The next menstruation you can expect about 4 to 6 weeks after, but may also occur sooner or later.

Some are able to get over an experienced miscarriage in a short period of time, others need longer. For some, a miscarriage is a very far-reaching event after which signs of mourning occur. A miscarriage ends a pregnancy but also the image you had of your future and your expectations. A miscarriage can be accompanied by a lot of sadness, disappointment, feelings of guilt, anger, emptiness and disbelief. Getting over a miscarriage is a very personal process. The length of this process is different for everyone. It is important that you are able to give the event a place and are able to talk about it.

You are allowed to become pregnant right away after a miscarriage. However, a lot of people prefer to wait at least one menstruation. In this way, you know how long you’ve been pregnant if you have a positive pregnancy-test. A next pregnancy will go well in most cases. However, the first period will be scary. Will things go right this time? You can contact us early on in the pregnancy, and if requested we can arrange an ultrasound at an early stage (around 6-8 weeks).

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