Apply for NIPT

Apply for NIPT

If you would like to have the NIPT done, please send an email after your dating scan to with the following details:

  • Initials & last name
  • Date of birth
  • Estimated due date (confirmed by ultrasound)
  • If you would like to know secondary findings
  • Which laboratory will do the NIPT (at Echo Amsterdam, the lab SALT does NIPT blood draw).

Only after your dating scan, we can create the labform for the NIPT in a secure application. We will send  you your form via Zorgmail Secure e-mail to take with you to the laboratory.


NIPT blood test
The blood test can be performed from 10 weeks of pregnancy onwards. It’s sometimes combined together with the standard first trimester bloodtest (bloodgroup, rhesus factor, iron level etc), which is automatically sent to the lab digitally by us. Please mention at the lab to double check this.

At the location of Echo Amsterdam the laboratorium SALT is located which performs the NIPT.



Don’t forget to take a printed laboratory form and to bring a valid ID. Without these documents, they won’t be able to do the NIPT.


Result of the NIPT

If the result of the NIPT is good, we will send it to you by Zorgmail Secure email after a maximum of 2 weeks. In the email is a green button. Via this button you will receive a code, with this code you can open the e-mail. If further tests are indicated you will receive a call from one of our midwives. 


Opening hours laboratorium

At Echo Amsterdam you can get your NIPT and other lab work done at SALT

Opening hours of the lab:

Monday to Friday 8:30 am to noon and 12:30-2.00pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 11:00 am