Pregnancy checkups

Pregnancy checkups during the pandemic

Our normal pregnancy checkup schedule (which is also on the back of your 101 envelope) is almost back to normal! See below at which appointments a partner is welcome. If there is a strong reason to bring a partner to more checkups, please inform us before.

IMPORTANT: have you been on holiday to a country that has been given a code orange by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Please follow the measures below: 

  1. Notify our assistant before your appointment if you returned less than 14 days ago from a “code orange country”; 
  2. Come alone to the practice for your antenatal checkup;
  3. Wash your hands upon arrival at the practice;
  4. Please wear a face mask at the practice;
  5. The midwife will also be wearing a face mask during your appointment;
  6. Your checkup appointment will last a maximum of 15 mins.

Checkup schedule


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