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In December 2019, an outbreak of a new disease was reported in Wuhan, China. This novel coronavirus is also known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease it can cause is called coronavirus disease 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19. Most patients have a fever and respiratory symptoms. In the whole world measures are being taken to prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus. Our practice has also made all necessary preventive measures.

With the knowledge we have now, pregnant women are not at greater risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 then other people and are not at greater risk of getting complications. However, all pregnant women from 28 weeks onwards are more prone to get complications with any respiratory infection (not just COVID-19), as your belly is growing and your lungs have less space. Fortunately there is no evidence that a COVID-19 infection can cause a miscarriage or any birth defects. 

To date, relatively few pregnant women have been infected with the corona virus in the Netherlands. In total, 256 pregnant women have been proven to be infected with COVID-19, and only a minority had to be hospitalized shortly  for respiratory problems (of which 3 pregnant women have been admitted on the ICU for a short time). Last week, “only” 1 new infection was reported in a pregnant woman in the Netherlands. It’s not sure why so little pregnant women get infected with COVID-19, however it is thought that they follow the 1,5m distance rule very well and practice good hygiene. Which are the most things you can do to prevent infection. 

We understand this is a rather demanding time, especially for you (and your partner). It can evoke feelings such as fear, insecurity and disappointment. After feeling in control of everything, suddenly this changes which requires a lot of adaptability. Especially at this time we want to be there for you and support you through this.

In response to the rapidly changing guidelines around COVID-19 and the measures we take as midwives, we would like to keep you updated. That’s why we have set up this page on our website with the latest information.

Measures at Verloskundigen 101

As the corona virus has become pandemic now, the Royal Dutch Association of Midwives (KNOV) has, together with the Official Dutch Health Organisation (RIVM), formulated guidelines to prevent further spreading of the novel COVID-19 virus. All Dutch midwife practices will follow these guidelines for as long as necessary.

At our practice you have noticed our empty looking waiting room because of the hygiene measures. We kindly ask your to practice good hygiene and to wash your hands upon arrival at the practice.

We are very happy to announce we are allowed to, almost completely, change back to our normal checkups routine during pregnancy. 

This means that from the 11th of May all checkups will be held at the practice again. One measure remains: please come by yourself to the practice, except for your initial consultation and the appointment about your birth wishes (around 35 weeks). All other checkups we kindly ask you to come by yourself without a partner if possible. 

For all ultrasound scans 1 partner is allowed to join you, additional scans upon request (viability scan, gender scan, 4D scan etc) are also bookable again.


Our measures to prevent spreading:

  • Please don’t visit the practice if you or one of your family members at home is coughing, or has fever. When this is the case please call the practice to discuss how and when your checkups and scans will be planned. 
  • Wash your hands upon arrival
  • We dont’s shake hands
  • Keep 1,5m of distance at the practice as much as possible.
  • Preferably you come to the practice on your own for a pregnancy check up. However, and exception is being made for you first consultation and the appointment to talk about your birth wishes. With these two appointments a partner is allowed (provided that he/she does not have any symptoms of COVID-19). 
  • For all scans at Echo Amsterdam (medical scans and scans upon request) 1 partner is allowed to join as long as he/she keeps 1,5m of distance from the sonographer.
  • Please don’t take your children to the practice for the checkups nor the scans for the time being.
  • Besides your (birth)partner, a second birth partner is allowed during labour
  • Limit visitors after birth

What you can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands with soap regularly
  • Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow
  • Use paper tissues
  • No handshaking
  • Stay at home with symptoms of the common cold or flu
  • Limit social contacts / stay home
  • Keep sufficient distance (1.5m) from each other

Useful Links

Questions about the novel coronavirus? Please contact 0800-1351 or

+31 (0)20 205 1351 (this number can be reached from abroad)

Available daily from 8:00 a.m. until 22:00 p.m.

Information from the Dutch Government about COVID-19 can be found on

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